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Kustermann Shooting. ahg-Anschütz Handels GmbH Raiffeisenstrasse 26 D-89079 Ulm / Germany. Telefon +49-(0)731-4 20 31 Telefon +49-(0)731-4 20 34 Fax Sportschützen in aller Welt nutzen den Erfahrungsvorsprung von Anschütz Matchgewehren mit dem weltberühmten Anschütz Match 54.. How To Disassemble Clean and Reassemble the bolt from an Anschutz 1710 Match 54 Action - .22 Bolt Action Rifle Anschutz 54 Match, unfired, with the match Anschutz equipment, jacket J.G. ANSCHÜTZ GmbH & Co. KG - Manuals Der gleichmässig, fein und individuell einstellbare Match-Abzug und die extrem kurze Schussentwicklungszeit ermöglicht eine präzise Schussabgabe. System Der weltberühmte ANSCHÜTZ-Match 54-Verschluss, integriert in das zuverlässige KK-System des Modells 1907..

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  1. Selected barrels by Anschutz company. The new smallbore Match 54.30 action distinguishes itself by following items: - Basis for the new rifle is the well known and reliable ANSCHÜTZ Match 54 action. - The loading port was moved 30mm rewards and was reduced in size by 18%
  2. Beim System Match 54.30 wird der Lauf tief in die Hülse geschraubt, um die in der Verbindung entstehende Spannung möglichst gleichmässig und auf einer grossen Fläche zu verteilen. Das System Match 54.30 kann in allen Schäften verbaut werden, die für die ANSCHÜTZ Systeme 1907 oder 1913..
  3. or wear and scratches. Fully adjustable hook-style butt plate. Full length forearm rail with swivel stop and adjustable off-hand palm rest. Trigger is an International 2-stage set trigger
  4. The new Match 54.30 is the next generation of the legendary ANSCHÜTZ Match 54 barreled action. Email below arrived this morning from Anschutz along with the first released photos

Anschütz 1827 Fortner is a straight-pull action biathlon rifle designed by Peter Fortner junior and produced in cooperation with J. G. Anschütz. The rifle has been dominant in the sport of biathlon since the late 1980s, and is the current sport standard J.G. Anschutz-Ulm Germany Model 54 Match rifle in .22 long rifle. Comes with 16x Redfield target scope. Serial number 23613. These are high end.. Find Anschutz Model Match 54 Target parts and accessories today. Numrich is America's leading rifle parts supplier Die Firma Anschütz setzt mit 2 neuen Produkten noch nie dagewesene Massstäbe! Anschütz - ein Versprechen an Präzision, höchste Qualität und Innovation. Das neue Luftgewehr 9015 im weltweit innovativsten Schaft ONE oder dem neuen Precise Schaft und das neue, sehr kurze 54.30.. Anschutz 54 match. Click Photo to Enlarge. Description: Aschutz 54 match 22 rifle, iron sights and 24x redfield scope, with a lot of accessories. Price $1800 and $55 shipping. SOLD

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  1. Anschütz Match 54. Cena: 850 €. Šifra oglasa: 2726111. Prodam tekmovalno enostrelno malokalibrsko puško Anschütz Match 54 v kalibru 22lr. Montiran daljnogled Sutter s povečavo 8-32x44 z možnostjo osvetljene pike v križu
  2. RiflesBolt ActionUsed£ 400. Anschutz Match 54.Read full description. ModelMatch 54. CertificateFirearm - Section 1. OrientationRight Handed
  3. Anschütz Match 54, cal. 22 LR, TT=1. Maksutavat. Tilaa uutiskirje. Käytetyt aseet » Pienoiskiväärit » Anschütz Match 54
  4. Gilbertkilligrew50. 4:32. Match 54 - Pre Match Analysis - Rajasthan Royals vs Kolkata Knight Riders. Tricia Stephany. 2:24
  5. Anschutz Match 54 Manual - Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online. Instruction manual for Anschutz Match 54 .22 target rifle. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved
  6. Match 54 Verschluss: Der aus dem weltberühmten ANSCHÜTZ Match 54 Verschluss mit exzentrisch gelagertem Schloss laufend weiterentwickelte Verschluss ist für seine überzeugende Präzision und nicht zu überbietende Zuverlässigkeit bekannt

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Das ANSCHÜTZ Match Kleinkalibersystem 54.30 ist die Weiterentwicklung des legendären ANSCHÜTZ Systems Match 54. Im System 54.30 vereinen sich neue Ideen und Anforderungen aus dem modernen Schiesssport mit jahrzehntelang erprobten und.. Kustermann Shooting. ahg-Anschütz Handels GmbH Raiffeisenstrasse 26 D-89079 Ulm / Germany. Telefon +49-(0)731-4 20 31 Telefon +49-(0)731-4 20 34 Fax Sportschützen in aller Welt nutzen den Erfahrungsvorsprung von Anschütz Matchgewehren mit dem weltberühmten Anschütz Match 54.. 3699 €. Uus Anschütz 54.30 on inspireeritud legendaarsest Anschützi 54 mudelist, kuid põhineb kaasaegsel tipptehnikal, mida on katsetatud aastakümneid, et arendada välja laskespordi kaasaegsetele nõuetele vastav tipptaseme püss The new small-bore Match 54.30 action. Now on sale at £3750.00, was £3950.00! Basis for the new rifle is the well known and reliable ANSCHÜTZ Match 54 action. The loading port was moved 30mm rewards and was reduced in size by 18%. These changes increases the stiffness of the receiver LG54 (sporter version of Hakim). Anschütz LG220. This was the first of the post-WW2 German recoilless (or recoil supressed) match rifles, and incorporated an ingenious Anschütz LG250 (early). This was another revolutionary match rifle. The reverse piston of the LG220 was replaced with a..

MK puške Anschütz. Anschütz Match 54.30 /kopito BR-50. Anschütz 64 MP R Multi Purpose. Kaliber: .22lr Anschütz Match 54 target rifle made in 1976. How To Disassemble Clean and Reassemble the bolt from an Anschutz 1710 Match 54 Action - .22 Bolt Action Rifle The new ANSCHÜTZ target small bore barreled action 54.30 is the evolution of the legendary ANSCHÜTZ Match 54 action. The new Match 54.30 can be installed into all available stocks which fit with the ANSCHÜTZ round match actions such as the 1907 or 1913 The new ANSCHÜTZ target small bore barreled action 54.30 is the evolution of the ANSCHÜTZ Match 54 action. Anschutz 1913A with BR-50 stock, 5 rounds of RWS Special Match on 50 meters. Dont get confused by Eley box, I use them for transport of ammo after I selected. Anschutz-Modell Match 54 This is an Anschutz-Modell Match 54. It fires the .22 Long Rifle round. The serial number is 63127. The stock has minor scratches. The hand-rail shows signs of use. It comes with an Anschutz competition rear sight. The buttplate is missing. Sold as is. all photos can be viewed

This is one of the most impressive Match 54's I've seen. Usually these rifles have the wood all dinged up from decades of hard match use. The barrel beyond the stock has some minor surface imperfections... but other than that this thing is immaculat.. The Modern Anschütz Position Rifle Smallbore match rifle makers are using modern materials in response to the need for greater adjustability (and Anschutz also claims that a newly-designed barrel chamber improves overall accuracy. The new 54.30 match action can be installed into all available.. Serial #. Manufacturer. Anschutz. Model. 54. Lot #3679: Colt First Series Match Target Semi-Automatic Pistol. Lot #3646: Pre-64 Winchester Model 70 Target Bolt Action Rifle

Hallo, heute biete ich euch einen gebrauchen Anschütz Match 54 Linksschaft an. Am Schaft (Nussbaum) befinden sich Gebrauchsspuren. Somit gebrauchter Zustand. Die Fotos sind Bestandteil der.. Match 54 Action. We stock all the important replacement parts for your Anschütz ! Parts are listed by Item number in reference to the parts diagram above. To download a .PDF copy of the parts diagram & complete parts list for your specific rifle please click here to select the parts listing for your rifle I have always wanted a Anschutz 54 match single shot. I have a great mpr 64 stainless barrel that shoots awesome. Accuracy is not at a issue, its the want of a 54.. I offered a buddy of mine my stainless mpr 64, A like new stainless browning.. The only Anschutz actions I am aware of being used in the Olympics are the 54 based actions, the 14/18/19 series, and the Fortner action. As far as accuracy either can provide an acceptable degree of accuracy however the 54 is by far the superior design, it is a stouter action and has a faster lock time Gday Peter, do you still have the .22lr Anschutz for sale

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  1. Grünig & Elmiger Bleiker Anschütz System 18../Match 54 alt Diana Anschütz System 1907/1913 Anschütz system 14.. Durch ein neuartiges, beim Patentamt geschütztes Verschluss-System kann der Hinterschaft, zusammen mit Schaftbacke und Schaftkappe, mit nur einem Handgriff und OHNE..
  2. It is stamped Anschutz Match 54 and on top of the receiver ring it is stamped JGA in a cross pattern with the G in the middle. Anyone know what the JGA means. This rifle has a 5 digit s/n 220XX
  3. The small bore Match 54.30 action distinguishes itself by following items Basis for the new rifle is the well known and reliable ANSCHÜTZ Match 54 action.The loading port was moved 30mm rewards and was reduced in Be the first to review Anschutz Match 54.30 with 1918 Precise Stock Cancel reply

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Kurzer Überblick über das KK-Match-Repetierbüchse Anschütz Match 54, Kal. . 22 lfB., von ANSCHÜTZ - Lauflänge 66 cm, brünert, Matchschaft, 2 Anschütz-Diopter. Facebook: www.facebook.com/sportschiessenduesseldorf Match 54 Action. Anschutz target rifles are numbered in a two part sequence, the first two digits indicate series, the last two, the type and stock configuration of the rifle: 07, 09 rifles have a light barrel, 10, 11 and 13 have a heavier barrel and are marked supermatch on the barrel This match action screw set is designed for the 54.30, 1907, 1913, and 2013 Target models of rifles from Anschutz chambered in .22 LR. This screw set is made to the same high quality standards of production as all Anschutz products, don't settle for anything but Anschutz factory parts

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Anschutz 54 Super Match I just made a 50moa base for and put a SWFA 16X scope on. Just finished tracking it thru 98moa of Anschütz Match 54 target rifle made in 1976 Since 1976, the company Anschütz has been producing Biathlon rifles and is still one of the biggest manufacturers in the sport. The Anschutz 1710 DHB is the most accurate 22 rifle that I've tested. The test target from Anschutz was 10-shots @ 50 into 0.4. I'm looking for a RH Anschutz 54 Super Match Stock. Anyone know a website that lists used Anschutz accessories

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Our Assessment: This is an Anschutz Model Match 54 single shot bolt action rifle intended for prone position target shooting. The rifle features an Anschutz action, a target grade barrel, and a heavy walnut checkered stock with a vertical pistol grip and cheekpiece Anschutz Bolt Disassembled. When it comes to regular maintenance of a bolt action rifle. It is a good idea to know how to strip your bolt to access and clean the firing pin and the components that make it up. I will show you how to strip an Anschutz Super Match Bolt to it's inner workings Anschutz Match 54. (£350) Gun No Longer Available. Darn, too slow! This Anschutz has already gone! Don't worry, we probably have a similar rifles for Description. I need some space in the cabinet so I'm selling my Anschutz Match 54 (RH stock). It's in good condition. Sights and hard case included The Anschütz match cylinder action which is also part of the ANSCHÜTZ hunting repeaters dominates national, international, Olympic and world championship Trigger: Two stage trigger and single stage trigger correspond to the match triggers of the ANSCHÜTZ target rifle. The low-weight, hardened and..

Lot 2492. single shot rifle Anschütz Match Mod Anschutz Model 54 Instructions. Accessories. Adjusting the Sights. Anschutz Match Air Rifle. Anschutz Micro Sight with Scale. Match Triggers. Notes. Our Rifles and their Success. Small Bore Rifle Care. Spare Parts List of the Model 54. The Anschutz Action The Anschütz 1727-F straight-pull rifle matches high-grade action and barrel with a typically European walnut stock. Founded in 1856 in the German province of Thuringia, and now headquartered in the city of Ulm − home to many other famous German gun-making companies − the J.G 3.5 (54 ratings)

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